Today saw the very important occasion of Poppy’s 3rd birthday. It’s hard to believe our little lady is entering her third year. It’s strange to think where all the time has gone, the past three years seem to have flown by. I tend to get a bit nostalgic around birthdays. Looking back on birthday’s past. […]

Kev’s Head Shave

One of the many fantastic people we’ve met since all this started has been our CLIC Sargent social worker. CLIC Sargent are a charity set up to help children with cancer and their families After diagnosis all families are assigned a social worker to help them, should they need with any financial and emotional support. […]

Treatment Week One

I like to think of this as the attack phase. Kind of like when you start the Dukan diet, it’s time to blast those cells. Prior to starting treatment we’d been allowed to return home for one night only.  Looking back I can see now I’d focused too much on our brief night reunited as […]

Friends In High Places ?

As previously mentioned, we have some amazing mates. But some folk have gone above and beyond. One of my oldest, dearest friend’s mother in law comes from a small village in Sicily. Upon hearing the news about Poppy she immediately contacted her family and arranged a mass to be said for her. We’re not a […]

Friends and Family

I always knew our lot were a good bunch, but in our hour of need they’ve surpassed themselves. We’ve had messages from people far and wide, friends old and new. It’s made the most surprising friendships come out of the woodwork and in some cases, past differences have been put aside in order to send […]

Oncology Inpatients

I went on a tour of the Oncology department prior to our stay there. This was to be Poppy’s new ‘home’ for the next week. Alder Hey are very proud of their 10 million pound unit. And rightly so. It’s a research learning and treatment centre under one roof. Complete with its own chef, Playstations […]

Our New Normal

On Thursday 23rd of January our beautiful daughter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. This marked the change of our lives as we knew it and a scary and uncertain path ahead of us. I have had millions of thoughts rushing around my head from this day, and I wanted to try and get them […]