Our New Normal


On Thursday 23rd of January our beautiful daughter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. This marked the change of our lives as we knew it and a scary and uncertain path ahead of us.

I have had millions of thoughts rushing around my head from this day, and I wanted to try and get them out some semi coherent way.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve felt the need to write anything more challenging than a shopping list, but this just feels like something I need to do.

Anyone who knows me well will know I’m not one for over sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings. And I’m certainly no fan of the current obsession with social media and the need to update all and sundry with their every move. But, this feels different.

I’ve never felt more useless in my entire life. When it mattered the most and my baby girl needed me more than ever, I had nothing.

So, in some tiny insignificant way I figured if I got some of my thoughts out here it may help me keep a clearer head when it needs to be about Poppy – and what I think and feel doesn’t matter.

If you know us and want to keep up to date with Poppy’s progress then I’ll try and write as often as I can. I can’t promise this will be the cheeriest thing you’ll ever read. But, I will do my best to be as honest as possible, not resort to clichés and do justice to our remarkable little girl and the fight she has ahead of her. If I can manage this with half the resilience and courage she’s shown so far then I’ll be happy.


11 thoughts on “Our New Normal

  1. This is the hardest journey you’ve ever had to endure but you’ve got a daughter full of spirit and a determination that will help you all to get through. Our love and thoughts are with you every step of the way. Small steps to bigger better tomorrows. Xxxxxx

  2. Love this Katie, Poppy will be so proud of her Mum and Dad when she can read this in years to come. Love to you all as always xxxxx

  3. Katie I think writing can be a medicine at times and hope it helps you to put pen to paper. It’s inspiring to see you drawing positives from this hard and painful experience

  4. Thanks for keeping us all updated on our brave Poppy, we are thinking of you all. Lots of love Aunty Sue & Uncle Paul X

  5. I wish I could be as eloquent as you Katie but I just wanted to say that what you have written is beautiful and incredibly moving. What shines through is your love for Poppy and thats what will get you through. We are here for you all. X

  6. To my dear cousin Katie you have always been such a kind and caring person and now you will have to find all your inner strength to get through this and for all of you come out smiling at the end of this tough journey! You and Kevin are amazing parents and we your family are all here for you all. Love to all and big cuddles for Poppy a brave beautiful little girl.
    Love Louise & Danny xxxx

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