Friends and Family


I always knew our lot were a good bunch, but in our hour of need they’ve surpassed themselves. We’ve had messages from people far and wide, friends old and new. It’s made the most surprising friendships come out of the woodwork and in some cases, past differences have been put aside in order to send best wishes and focus on what really matters. Our Pops. Our families have gone above and beyond what I’d ever expected of them, and it’s hard finding the words to thank them enough.

Poppy’s always enjoyed a certain notoriety. The first grandchild on my side and impressively the 17th on Kevin’s she was always guaranteed a few admirers. She’s doted on by grandparents, Uncles and Aunts, Cousins, godparents and friends. Not to mention her proud big brothers and idolised by our baby Oscar.

I’m not a fan of people spilling their guts on Facebook etc but I put a general message up thanking people for their help, kindness and so on. It was easier than trying to remember everyone and reply to them personally. We were really touched by the number of responses we received the ‘likes’ and the overwhelming feeling of positivity and love for Poppy.

The news of her illness hit a lot of people hard. Sometimes when you’re right in the middle something devastating yourself, it’s easy to forget others are knocked sideways too. People react differently, and there will always be those on hand to offer practical advice and support and those who metaphorically hold your hand from afar when you want a good cry.

It’s hard not to sound trite, but it’s situations like this where you really find out who your friends are. Those who stepped up to the mark, you know who you are – I am eternally grateful. I always knew you were the business and we’re all really lucky to have you in our lives.



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