Friends In High Places ?

pope francis

As previously mentioned, we have some amazing mates. But some folk have gone above and beyond.
One of my oldest, dearest friend’s mother in law comes from a small village in Sicily. Upon hearing the news about Poppy she immediately contacted her family and arranged a mass to be said for her.
We’re not a religious family, far from it but I was really touched by this. Although I’m godmother to her grandson I don’t know the lady particularly well. I found it really moving that she’d gone to the trouble to arrange this, and I found the thought of a traditional Sicilian church praying for my little girl especially moving.
However, this was not the end of her help…
I’ve now discovered she’s sent a private message via Facebook to none other than his holiness The Pope on Poppy’s behalf! Aside from getting my head around the fact that THE POPE has a Facebook account, it bought me some much needed amusement for the first time in weeks.
I’m not laughing at her, by any means. I think it’s nice. I’m smiling from the lengths that some people are prepared to go for others. I think it makes the world seem a nicer place.
And, should Pope Francis read it and hear about Poppy then every bit helps right?


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