Treatment Continued

Unbelievably we’re now in Poppy’s 9th week of treatment. It seems so far from when all this was beginning and we were like rabbits caught in the headlights. At the time of her diagnosis, I definitely couldn’t see this point. And I certainly couldn’t believe that our everyday life would continue – albeit on a […]

Bald Is Beautiful

I know every parent thinks their child is beautiful and every part of them in gorgeous, but without sounding totally biased here, Poppy really has gorgeous hair. When she was born it was jet black as I’d imagined it would be. But, as she got older it started changing and much to our surprise it […]

Kev’s Head Shave Part Two

The day of Kev’s head shave came around very quickly, and I was under strict instructions to shave it all off properly. As sad as I was to see his thick locks go, I have to admit he looks pretty good as a baldy. We’d like to thank everyone who has donated to CLIC Sargent, […]

An Education

After the first week of Poppy’s treatment there were two factors which would allow us to leave hospital. Firstly she needed to be well enough to go home. And secondly we needed a teaching session with a nurse, to prepare us for what looking after Poppy would now entail. Our roles of parents were now […]