I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Since Poppy’s diagnosis people have wanted to raise money for the various charities close to our hearts. It’s very kind and I think it’s a way of feeling as though you’re doing something to help and being proactive. We really appreciate people taking the time, and energy to do these things and we’re always touched by the kindness and lengths people are prepared to go.

A few weeks ago my dear friend Rachael ran in the Cancer Research race for life. Recently Poppy’s cousin Jake ran the Liverpool half marathon, his sister Evie raised money in school, her Uncle Ray is impressively taking on a series of bike rides throughout the year, including the 128 mile first stage of the Tour de France, and Auntie Karen traumatised the folk in Edge Hill job centre by setting up Wig Wednesday all for CLIC Sargent.


Next weekend on June 7th one of my oldest and bestest friends in the world, Mat is doing the Nightrider bike ride through London. It’s a 100km moonlit ride through various landmarks of the city. Whilst it sounds amazing, I’m seriously impressed that his old bones will be giving it a go. Not to mention his cycling buddies who have never met Poppy but are getting involved. Again, people’s kindness never fails to move me. I wish we could be there to cheer him on but we’ll be with him in spirit. He’s raising money for CLIC Sargent which is the charity for children with cancer and their families. If you could take a minute to look at his fundraising page and spare a few pennies it would be greatly appreciated by many.





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