2016 started on a positive note, marking what will be the year that Poppy’s treatment finishes. It felt good to have something so momentous to look forward to, finally a light at the end of what has been a very long road. As with all new years, I often start by thinking backwards to what […]

Who’s That Girl ?

    I can remember reading a while back that people who write blogs about cancer tend to go a bit quiet when the patient is on Maintenance. Meaning that after the intense beginning and working through your thoughts, things are some what calmer in the later stages of treatment. This has definitely been true […]


This photo was taken a year ago today. It’s exactly a year since Poppy was diagnosed with Leukaemia and all our lives took a direction we never thought possible. It’s hard not to used clichés sometimes and I’m loath to use language such as ‘journey’ or ’emotional roller coaster’ – but it’s a pretty accurate […]


The past few months have been really significant for Poppy. And have happily they don’t have anything to do with cancer. In September Poppy started nursery. If you’d have told me at the beginning of this year that she’d be attending nursery for three hours five days a week I’d have said you were mad. […]

Child Cancer Awareness

You may or may not know but the month of September is designated Child Cancer Awareness Month by the charity Children With Cancer UK. A large part of the project is a petition to the government asking for information cards detailing the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer to be given to all parents. It […]


The time had finally arrived that Poppy started the maintenance phase of her treatment. Maintenance is a pretty big deal, it’s the longest but most gentle phase of them all. If all goes to plan she’ll remain on this till the end of her treatment. So, for the next eighteen months or so we’re on […]

Delayed Intensification

  We’re coming to the end of a phase of treatment called Delayed Intensification. It was a phase I was dreading as we’d been told countless times how hard it could be. An intensive phase, hence the name. It involved the usual suspects of steroids, oral chemo at home, and a painful injection. Plus the new […]

Doom and Gloom ?

I haven’t been able to update the blog lately as I simply haven’t felt up to it. I know people were desperate for Poppy updates, and may have been concerned that the radio silence was a sign there was something wrong. But, if I’m being honest I haven’t had the energy or the capabilities of […]

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Since Poppy’s diagnosis people have wanted to raise money for the various charities close to our hearts. It’s very kind and I think it’s a way of feeling as though you’re doing something to help and being proactive. We really appreciate people taking the time, and energy to do these things and we’re always touched […]